The Worst Kind Of Luck

by A Brighter Life

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released 21 April 2014
*Recorded and Mixed by Mike Bridgett @ The Monster House
*Produced by CJ Wilson of Handguns & Mike Bridgett
*Mastered @ The Panda Studios



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Track Name: Under Bay Harbor
I was torn by the truth that the monsters I'm chasing are hiding inside of you. I tried to work my way inside your head to try to figure out the landslide I'm up against.

Don't make me out to be the bad guy. I'd cross my fingers, but you haven't listened so far. You set me up to be another helpless victim. I just barely made it out with scrapes and scars.

Tell me, what the hell was I supposed to do? I watched you turn your head and follow through with your so-called purpose in life. So tell me, what the hell am I supposed to do?

Bottled your feelings in a deep grave so you could pretend you feel a little sane. I won't fight for this any more. I won't.
Track Name: Monumental
I've been having trouble sleeping again under the pressure and distress you put me in. It's not fair to be the person left to weather the high tide. You've got your stories, but I've got my problems inside.

I'll be alright.

Now I feel the weight lifting off my chest. It feels so good to be free from this. You held me back from my true potential. I'm gonna be influential now. I want this to hurt without a doubt.

I was more than just skin and bones. I knew you well, or so I thought I did, but now I can tell that you're overrated. You're compensating for your lack of intelligence. It's all gone to hell and I just want to live this one down.

I'll stand my ground and watch you fall cause I'm just a man who made the right call.
Track Name: Blistered & Bruised
Things couldn't get much worse. This past year left me broken and out of luck. Turns out the deck was stacked against me all along. I quit my job, somebody stole my car, drank to excess and got kicked out of some bars, but I'm over it.

Cause this is where I need to be: counting down the days til I make my history. I hit the wall and the wreckage is burning to the ground, but I'll stand ten feet tall this time around.

I lost the battle but I know I'll never lose the war waging inside of my head. Now I'm facing the truth: that I can no longer move in time with what was haunting me in the first place.

It left me blistered and bruised and I've got nothing to lose, so I'll mend my mind and wait for the outcome.

I'll stand ten feet tall this time. I've done my best to try to save face. I'm stuck forever in a waiting game. I'll play my hand and hope the feeling never fades.
Track Name: This Is Getting Old
I was on the turnpike home to New Jersey when I got your call. It didn't take very long to realize it was fool's gold that brought me here. I couldn't settle just to save my skin.

I'm well aware that the timing of my words is a day late, and I swear that I'll be home by the time the day breaks if you give me the chance.

I'm getting tired of this northern cold, and being on the fence is getting old.

If I'm honest, I feel better when you're near me. Where you are is where I need to be. If I'm honest, I let the bad vibes get the best of me. This could all end fine if you were here by my side.

Don't apologize, cause this is all my fault. I should have kept my loneliness to myself. But with the distance between you and me, it's hard to fall asleep.

I didn't mean to let you down. I lost my head to find solid ground.
Track Name: Dead Ends
You're reaching for me as I'm reaching for sleep, dreaming of dim-lit roads at highway speeds. Luck might not be in my corner, but my will is to succeed.

All I know is that the days are getting colder and this chip on my shoulder is all I feel, but the thought of conquering the world with you is keeping me alive.

I couldn't muster up the nerve to fight the suits and the ties for the rest of my life. Cut your hair, ditch your friends and start your family. I'll never compromise.

Believe me when I say this whole damn place is nothing but a dead end.

I'll never compromise. The bumps in the road tend to keep me in time. I'll conquer the world if you just keep me alive.
Track Name: Starting Over
You're getting so much better at burying your lies, burning through your money just to find that cheap high. Some day soon our planets will collide and the mess that you've made will end up fueling the fire.

You've had countless trials and embarrassments and you're so persistent in your selfishness. It's fucking exhausting and I'm not even tired. I wish I could the say the same for me.

Good luck and you'll need it, and farewell to what the future had for you. I hope this melody burns right through you.

Some day everything will turn out in your favor. One day you'll decide to take yourself seriously. Come on, man, let's be real for a minute. Maybe it's time to start all over again.

This might be imperfect, and you might be no different.